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Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events


APRIL 13TH, 2019
Desserts and Divination
Beautifully Connected
13524 Railway Drive, Suite J
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73114

On April 13th, 2019 from 1pm to 4pm at Beautifully Connected, I will be participating in Oklahoma City Pagan Pride Day's annual fundraising event.  This fundraiser is to help raise money for the annual Pagan Pride Day event happening here in Oklahoma City on September 28th, 2019.

For a mere $20 you will enjoy an afternoon of deliciousness, talented diviners and an opportunity to pick up some fabulous auction items! Help us make this a HUGE success by PURCHASING TICKETS! They make GREAT GIFTS for pampering yourself or a friend!

I will be doing tarot card readings at this event.  This is always a fun event to participate in and I look forward to doing it every year.

To purchase your ticket, please submit payment via PayPal at  I look forward to seeing you there!

APRIL 20TH - 21ST, 2019
Spirit, Mind and Body Faire
Biltmore Hotel
401 South Meridian Avenue
Oklahoma City, OK 73128

From the Facebook Event Page Announcement: Come out and see our talented readers, wonderful vendors, and fabulous healers at the next installment of O.P.E.R.A.'s Spirit, Mind, and Body Faire! We are looking forward to a wonderful show full of crystals, lectures, tarot reading, local art, concession stand, and so much more!

You won't want to miss this Metaphysical Faire! :)

$5 entry fee, $2 senior entry fee!
April 20 - 10:00 am to 6:00 pm
April 21 - 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm

I will be there once again doing tarot card readings.  HOWEVER!!!  NEW THING!!!  I have partnered with my good friend Kathy Harmon to create a two person energy healing team called - wait for it! - SOUL SCRUBBERS!  So in addition to doing readings all weekend long, Kathy and I will be doing energy healing throughout the weekend as well.

Please do come out and say hello!  We'd love to be of good and positive service to you!


MARCH 22ND, 29TH, APRIL 5TH, 2019
Psychic Development and Training
The Labyrinth Temple
417 NW 25th Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73103

Every Friday night from 7pm - 9pm for three consecutive evenings.

In this three week course we will explore the world of psychic abilities. It is my belief we all "know" beyond a shadow of a doubt. In fact, it's my belief we are all born with the innate ability "to know". However, through social conditioning and self-doubt many of us have allowed these innate gifts to go dormant. In Psychic Development and Training we wake up those gifts, learn how best to train those gifts and then put them to good use in the service of other people.

The class is in three parts spread over three weeks, with each week building upon the lessons of the previous week.

Week One: In the first hour we will explore the history of psychic awareness and use throughout history. Psychics have been called upon to use their unique gifts throughout history. We will explore that history and see how psychics have been used to help dictate world events.
In the second hour we will begin to exercise our own psychic gifts through the power of pendulum work. There will be an introduction to pendulums, attendees will be able to choose a pendulum to work with that they can keep, and then we'll work on getting immediate answers to our simple "yes, no or maybe" questions

Week Two: In the first hour we will do a quick refresher on the past week's lessons and have a discussion about how pendulums helped us during the past week. Then we will jump into a quick discussion about the history of tarot. For the remainder of the first hour we will discuss the tarot cards and their meanings.
In the second hour we will put our newfound knowledge to work. We will do quick readings for each other. This will be a chance to put away self-doubt and fear and tap into that energy of "knowing" and sharing that information with others.

Week Three: In the first hour we will do a quick refresher on the past week's lessons, including doing quick readings for each other, and then have a discussion about how tarot helped us during the past week. Then we will jump into a quick discussion about the history of mediumship.
In the second hour we will be exploring ways of practicing mediumship (including Ouija board work) and putting all of what we've learned over the past three weeks into practice.

This is RESERVED SEATING ONLY! Please purchase your tickets HERE  

PPRN RADIO - The Peter Pinho Show

EVERY WEDNESDAY NIGHT from 7:30pm - 10:30pm EST at  I am a proud member of this crazy, wacky laugh out loud radio show!  We talk about anything and everything.  Every once in a while I'll do a reading for a guest.  But mostly we sit around and talk about the news of the day and our personal lives.  It's like The View on steroids!  Click HERE to check it out!

More Events to Come!  Stay Tuned...
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