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The Traveling Tarot

Tarot the Day!

Tarot The Day!

Tarot the Day! for Monday, February 24th, 2014

Posted on February 24, 2014 at 11:55 PM

Hello Family! Welcome to “Tarot the Day!” (or night… or even for some of you tomorrow morning) for Monday, February 24th, 2014. *Side note: Did it seem for you that Monday just ZOOMED by? No, seriously. Like you woke up this morning, blinked, and all of a sudden it was night. And you blinked again and somehow it was time to go to bed again? Seriously. Did that happen to any of you today? Well, I hope I wasn’t the only one who looked around and said, “HOLY SHIT! IT’S 10PM AND I STILL HAVEN’T GOTTEN THIS FRIGGIN’ BLOG WRITTEN YET!“ (Okay, maybe that last part only happened to me, but still!) *sigh* I am sorry you had to wait all day (and part of the night, and for some of you into tomorrow morning) to get your daily dose of “Tarot the Day!” goodness. I promise to try to do better.


How was your week-end? Did you get a chance to check out “Tarot the WEEK-END!”?  Did you like it? Was it exactly what you needed this week-end? I hope so. If so (or even if you hated it) SOUND OFF! Let me know! Send me an e-mail or comment in the comment section below. I’m think I might - MIGHT - do it again this week-end. Again, NO PROMISES. But you never know. So bookmark this page and come back often. You never know the shenanigans I’m up to… Let’s get into today’s card.


Today’s artist is Rob Ingram.  He hails from the Yukon in Canada. Or at least he’s been there for the past 30 years. The really great thing about our new friend Rob is he’s self-taught. I love that. Sometimes awesome comes straight out of the box with no assembly required. That’s not to say he hasn’t been influenced by the likes of Arthur Rackham or Edmund Dulac. But that he didn’t go to a school where a teacher says stuff like, “YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG!!!“ is, in my humble opinion, the greatest thing EVER. (Side note soapbox moment: All too often creativity and imagination can be stifled by our own perception or the insistence by others that are “bigger” and “know stuff” that we’re “doing it wrong”. Don’t put yourself down kids! And PLEASE don’t believe them, kids! Keep doing your own thing! Keep coloring outside the lines! Soapbox moment over.) The other thing I absolutely LOVE about Mr. Ingram is his absolute love and devotion to fairy tales and fantasy. It’s not that I live in “Fairy Tale Fantasy Land”, but I do visit. Often. In fact, I have a time share there. It’s nice. He does the occasional solo and/or group show and is available for commissions. So GO to his website, check out his gallery and BUY HIS SHIT!!!  If you don’t he’ll lay some sweet karate moves on you. And not in the Elvis Presley way, either.  Seriously. Rob’ll cut a bitch. With his bare hands. Without even blinking. Or breaking a sweat. So like I said, BUY HIS SHIT!!!  (Random Side Note: I really shouldn’t make fun of Elvis. He could probably still kick my ass today and he’s been dead going on 40 years now. Still, have you seen his sweet karate moves? That‘s ENTERTAINMENT, friends! Random Side Note over.)


Let’s get into today’s card which happens to be the Seven of Swords. Here’s Mr. Ingram’s interpretation of that card:



As per our usual, we’ll put some sweet karate moves on this picture until it’s begging us for mercy.  Then we’ll do a finishing move on it and see how we can apply it to out lives. Let’s get into it.


This scene is pretty straight-forward. We have a thief running away with as much loot as she can possibly carry, which are seven swords. But the burden is much to heavy for her to carry. So she ends up losing three of the seven swords, her hat, and even her shoes! But she’s getting away. She’s got her purple bandit mask on, and a green overcoat with purple and green striped trim. Her stockings are striped red and white like candy canes. Her long reddish blonde hair flows freely behind her as she makes her quick get away into the night. She has a devilish grin on her face as if to say, “I GOT AWAY WITH IT! I MAY HAVE LOST THREE OF THE SWORDS, MY HAT AND SHOES (I LOVED THOSE SHOES!!!) IN THE PROCESS, BUT DAMMIT I GOT AWAY WITH IT!!!”


So obviously the first thing that comes to mind is, are we trying to get away with something? Are we trying to get one over on someone else? Are we cutting corners in the name of being “efficient”? Are we running up against a deadline we have to meet and we’re not even CLOSE to being finished? And instead of giving 110% of our energies, we’re half-assing it in the hopes of not getting caught? The swords suit, as we’ve learned before, REQUIRES us to tell the truth. But not only tell the truth, live the truth.


There are so many people out there that love nothing more than to blow smoke. We see them all the time. They’re the snake-oil salespeople. They’re the used car sales person. They’re the person on the infomercial we’ve turned on in the middle of the night because we can’t sleep trying to sell us the product that will “CHANGE YOUR LIFE!” Sometimes they’re the person staring us in the face when we look in the mirror. It’s very important we not only speak truth, but try our best to live the truth. Every day. In all situations and all circumstances. If we’re not telling (and living) the absolute truth, then maybe it’s time we reassess.


The flip side of us telling (and living) the truth is the sword suit REQUIRES our circumstances and environment to tell the truth as well. It could be that someone in our lives is trying to pull the wool over our eyes. Either lying by omission or straight out-and-out making shit up. Or worse, there may be people in our lives that are actually stealing from us. Either our time, our money, our resources, our energy, or our good name. If that’s the case, the Seven of Swords is advising us to take a good look around our environment. Are there people in our lives that give us pause to wonder their true motives? If so, maybe it’s time we figured out how to fix it.


Reality check: The Seven of Swords is NOT advising us to become paranoid. It’s NOT advising us EVERYONE is out to get us. It’s NOT telling us to line our homes and heads with tin foil. It’s NOT advising us to hunker down in our basement bunker keeping a loaded rifle trained on the basement door, with all the toilet paper, cigarettes and canned goods we can store. (Dammit! Forgot the can opener! Oh well, too late now!) It’s just advising us to be mindful. To be aware. To go through life without blinders on. And once we come across something that isn’t 100% honest and truthful, we should probably address that issue as best we can.


Here’s the other thing about the truth: People aren’t stupid. I know it’s hard to believe sometimes, but it’s true. We may have our “DUH!” moments, but by and large we aren’t dumb. If we think we’re getting away with something, odds are we aren’t. Somebody, somewhere knows. They’ve been keeping a watchful, tin-foil covered eye on our comings and goings. There’s a nosy neighbor in EVERY neighborhood. There’s a co-worker that knows the T about everybody and everything going down at our office. There’s the stranger on the street that just happens by when we’re trying to be on the DL about something and sees us. There’s always the last minute, eleventh hour surprise key witness that takes the stand and spills the T about us, our momma, our cousin, our sister and ALL our friends. So if we think we’re getting away with it, trust and believe we’re probably not.


But the flip side of all that is there may be times when we are pulling the wool over our own eyes. There may be times when we KNOW the truth, but much like Jack Nicholson, we feel like we can’t HANDLE the truth.  And before we bring up a million and one other people right in our neighborhood that we know are living a “blissfully unaware” life, maybe it would be in our best interest to look ourselves in the mirror and ask if we’re in denial about anything. Before we “tsk, tsk” other people’s lives, it’s probably a good idea to look around to see who’s “tsking” at us.


Because there are consequences to living a “blissfully unaware” kind of a life. There are consequences to denying what’s going on right in front of our face. They may not be clear and present, but they will eventually come to the surface. And believe you me, it won’t be at an opportune moment. It won’t be when we’re sitting on our heels and bored out of our minds. It probably won’t bubble up when we have nothing else going on in our lives. It will probably happen when a billion and one other things are happening right at that moment. And because Swords are involved, we’ll have no other choice but to face the truth and handle it.  Right then and right there.


In this picture our thief is leaving three swords behind. Not only is the number of swords she’s leaving behind of importance (we’ll get to that in a minute), but that she’s leaving behind swords to begin with should give us pause to reflect. Our modern day Bonnie (sans Clyde) is leaving a trail for herself to be easily found out. Why would she do that? More importantly, why would we do that? Is the weight of leading a treacherous life so hard to bear we’re unconsciously hoping someone, somewhere, will find us out? That we’re secretly hoping when we’re found out it will lift that burden of deceit that we’ve been carrying around so long? That secretly we’re tired of the cat and mouse game of trying to always - ALWAYS - stay one step ahead of our pursuers? If that’s the case, then maybe it’s time we figured out a better way of conducting our lives.


Finally I want to talk about the number three. In the traditional Rider-Waite picture, (link) our thief is making off with five swords and leaving two behind. In this picture, our heroine is carrying four and leaving behind three. As I stated in the inaugural “Tarot the WEEK-END!” (link) threes have popped up in religious philosophies since time immemorial. However, threes in mundane matters have always signified amongst other things, creativity. Are we sacrificing that creative spark to get away with life? Are we stuffing our creative life down so far because of the pressures of a world that doesn’t necessarily encourage creativity in adults? Are we leaving that part of ourselves behind? The Universe gives us all gifts. They’re meant to be shared. They’re meant to make our existence in this mortal plane a little more bearable. If we’re leaving that part of ourselves behind, we’re not only stifling ourselves, but stifling part of why we’ve been put here in the first place. Yes, we’re in this together. Why not make life more pleasant by sharing our gifts with the world? If we are leaving our talents behind, our creativity in the dust as we make a break for it, I would encourage us all to double back and pick them back up. And while we’re there, maybe we should turn ourselves into the honesty police along with the crew of not-so-honest bandits around us.



For more information on the above offer, click HERE.


Until next time family, be blessed.

Stephen Dillard-Carroll

The Traveling Tarot

[email protected]

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