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In Person Readings

If you are in the Oklahoma City area and would like a face-to-face personal in-depth reading, I am happy to oblige.  Whether I come to you or you come to me, I am happy to accommodate you.  In person readings require setting an appointment minimally 48 hours in advance.

By Appointment Only - Through the Appointment Page  Book Our Time Together Today!


                                                                         In Person Readings - $50.00/session

Phone Readings

Sometimes a phone call from someone who cares is all it takes to get you back on track.  I am happy to be that friendly phone call you may need to see things more clearly.

By Appointment Only - Book Your Phone Time Through The Appointment Page Today!


Domestic (USA) Phone Readings: $50.00(USD)/session

International Phone Readings: $59.99 (USD)/session

E-Mail Readings

Sometimes the best way to see where you're going is to see where you've been.  An easy way to accomplish this is through e-mail readings you can keep and refer back to as you need.  E-mail readings require a 24 hour turnaround time from the moment the e-mail is received.  You will received an e-mail notification when your e-mail is received and another detailed reading via e-mail within 24 hours.


Please note because e-mail readings are more labor intensive, readings are charged on a per question basis rather than a per session basis.  Please keep this in mind when booking an e-mail reading.

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E-Mail Readings: $50.00/e-mailed question


Skype Readings

Through the magic of the internet, distance is no longer a factor in receiving quality tarot readings.  Simply log onto Skype at the time of your appointment and we can have a "virtual" face-to-face tarot session together.  Ain't the internet grand?  XD

By Appointment Only - Book Your Session Through The Appointment Page Today!


Skype Readings: $50.00/session

Special Events


Book The Traveling Tarot for your special event!  Whether it be a party, wedding, birthday, conference, cruise, convention, or any other special event, book The Traveling Tarot for one of a kind entertainment!


Please contact The Traveling Tarot directly at [email protected] for information on rates and how together we can make your special occasion an event to remember!

Putting The "Traveling" Into "Traveling Tarot"

In case you don't live in the Oklahoma City metropolitan area, I can travel to YOU!  With the magic of passports and modern modes of transportation, there isn't a place on the globe (or over the rainbow) I can't travel!
If you would like a one-on-one face to face consultation and would like me to come to you, all it takes is a click of the mouse (our modern day ruby slippers) to get me in your neck of the woods.
Please contact The Traveling Tarot at [email protected] to discuss the details.  I look forward to walking, driving, or flying down the Yellow Brick Road to your Emerald City very soon.

Buy In Groups of Four and Save!!!

When you buy four readings in the same category, you get the fifth reading in the same category: FREE!!!

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